Which online survey software should you choose?

We believe in continuous innovation, so that your online surveys with Eval&GO are always ahead of the game. But we’ll never compromise on usability, so you can create a survey in less than 60 seconds.

Whatever solution you need:
Sales, marketing, human resources or customer feedback for your company, whether it’s a start-up or SME. You’ll find the features you need with our full-options PRO plan or our FREE plan to get you started. EVAL&GO is a truly innovative solution.
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Survey Creation’s a Breeze
The Eval&GO Survey Creator is ultra-intuitive, allowing you to create a survey in less than 60 seconds. Use drag & drop to organize your survey, click to add a new question, choose from advanced features or just keep it simple.
Looking for survey inspiration? Check out the online survey library, add questions to your personal library and re-use them later.
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Advanced Features
When you’re ready to step it up and add some advanced features to your survey, you’ll find them all at Eval&GO: Grouping, Branching and Logic, Timer, Quotas, Multilingual surveys, and more.
Don’t think for a minute that we’re standing still – the Eval&GO team is continually developing new features and options to make your online surveys even easier, faster and more appealing.
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Stunning Online Surveys Are Here
Online surveys are everywhere – everyone wants feedback and opinions and our precious time. In the future, we’ll need to work even harder to keep respondents engaged and gather the data that’s so vital to your business.
But creating attractive online surveys with a rich array of interactive questions to keep your audience engaged has never been easier than with Eval&GO.
We want you to be proud of your surveys – after all, they’re part of your corporate communications and they represent your brand and your identity. You’d never launch a boring marketing program or a dull product or service, so why would you do that with your surveys? Create stunning survey templates that fit your brand and add images and video to questions. Use slider questions with custom colors and emoticons or add an interactive ranking question. The possibilities are literally infinite.

Enjoy life in the Cloud
Eval&GO is an SaaS solution that requires no downloads, no time-consuming or complex set-up and no technical know-how. Tap into the power of the cloud! Eval&GO was built with the cloud in mind, ensuring that your survey data is not isolated, but can be integrated into your organization via Salesforce.