Company employees are the backbone of any organization

Gather feedback from employees about corporate communication, benefits, salaries, training and development opportunities. Survey your employees concerning stress in the workplace or internal communications in order to anticipate areas of discontent. You can also use Eval&GO for 360-degree feedback questionnaires. Develop e-learning quizzes and post-training tests. The possibilities for gathering feedback are endless and will enable you to improve churn rates, develop appropriate training programs and improve internal communication.

  • Identify key reasons for satisfaction and dissatisfaction within the organization.
  • Analyze sub-groups of employees (by function, region etc.) to establish any correlation between function and levels of satisfaction.
  • Increase response rates by embedding surveys in the corporate intranet site.
  • Use exit surveys to identify the reasons for staff turnover and use cross-tabulations to establish a correlation between the reasons for their departure from the company and other variables such as their function, commute, or location.