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Eval&GO can simplify your life! With our questionnaire creator, it's simple to get started. Our survey software offers an advanced application with high-end online features while being the most user-friendly system on the market today.

Customizable questionnaires
You can create your own questionnaire designs that will set you apart. Add your company logo,unique questions and visual effects to your survey. Or if you prefer, you can select from one of the surveys professionally developed by own of our Eval&Go designers. They can be modified as you like the only restriction is... your imagination! The design feature was made to be versatile which allows you to adjust the setting to best improve the experience of your respondants.

Data Analysis Feature:
Data analysis is an essential part of any profession report. With Eval&GO intricate data analysis is made available to you. Quickly and easily you can discern the frequancies, percentages, medians, and totals of your data. You can even create cross tabulation analyses. The collected data is sent to you in real time. Therefore all of your data tables and graphs will be updated automatically with each new respondants input. With this powerful analysis tool your data analysis can be adjusted to fit any need!

Professional Reporting
It is finally possible to create the report of your dreams! With Eval&GO, you are given the oppurtunity to create your report however you would like. Drag and drop parts of your report to reorganize it, add entire pages, commentaries, a cover page, logo, or headers and footers. Chose a graph from our huge selection in order to effectively and clearly present your data. You can even change the color of the graphs, add colors to the table, and change the font. Your report exists in real time so that you are gauranteed intermediate reports at each step of your analysis. Once completed, your reports can then be exported to Word,PDF, Excel, and Power Point formats, or shared online.

Publish Your Survey
You can publish your survey in a variety of different ways to optimise the amount of responses. You can send email invitations or upload the questionnaire to your website by using JavaScript, HTML, or iFrame. Your link can be published anywhere whether it be on a site, blog, or social media site.

Contact Manager:
Our built-in "Contact Manager" feature will save you time by facilitating the circulation of your questionnaires. You can create and manage your own contact lists and groups, in addition to downloading, dublicating, modifying and reusing your already created groups and mailing lists. With just one click, you can upload your Salesforce base and send them your new Survey. Contact Manager allows you to easily keep your Salesforce community up to date.

Our team at your disposal
Having trouble? Our team of experts would be happy to assist you in creating and managing your questionnaire. We are committed to helping you, and our assistance is completely free.