Survey Options

Add Survey Introduction Page

Introduce your survey with a customized introduction page, which could include a message from the CEO or VP of Customer Services. It’s also an opportunity to present coupon codes or prize draws associated with completion of the survey.

Survey Exit, Redirect to URL

Automatically redirects towards a website upon completion of the survey. Take your respondents to your website, blog or a custom landing page.

Show/Hide Back Button

Hide the back button on your survey to prevent respondents from going back and changing or adding a response. Ideal for surveys where you’d like to capture the initial feeling or perception of the respondent.

Show/Hide Progress Bar

The progress bar shows respondents how far they have progressed towards completing the survey and is displayed by default. However, you can choose to hide it.

Survey Exit, Redirect to Survey Report

Share your survey results! Drive survey participation by sharing results with your respondents. You’re able to automatically redirect respondents to your survey report. You can even create a custom report which would show the respondent their own responses in contrast with the group averages!

Add Your Logo

Use your surveys to communicate your brand, with the addition of a logo to your survey.

Save & Quit Button

Encourage survey completion by adding a save & quit button. Allows respondents to save their responses so far and come back at a later time to complete the survey.

Survey Footer Text

Add a footer to your survey with customizable text (up to 100 char.).

Survey Header Text

Add a header to your survey with customizable text (up to 100 char.). Even include your logo.

Show/Hide Question Numbers

Question numbers may be hidden from respondents. They are displayed by default.

Add Survey Thank You Page

Close your survey with a customized thank you message which could also include communication about a coupon code or prize draw, or a link of your choice.