Survey Creation Features

Multipage Survey

Optimally distribute questions over several page questionnaires in order to keep the respondents' attention. Organize your questionnaire as needed.

Duplicate a Question

Save time by copying a question within a survey. The question is automatically added to the end of the current page.

Add Questions to Library

Create a personal library to access and re-use questions in the future without having to re-type them. A great feature that saves time and removes the frustration of having to re-type something that already exists!

Duplicate Page

Copy an entire page of a survey and save time copying individual questions. The new page is automatically added to the end of your questionnaire. Use the Organize tool to move it around within the survey.

Add Page Headers

Add a custom page header to individual pages of your survey to communicate messages or instructions to your respondents.

Page to Page Branching

Introduce logic to your survey. Depending on the response given to a question, it re-directs the respondent to a specific page. In this way, respondents are not frustrated by irrelevant questions, thus saving time.

Basic Branching

Page to page branching allows you to send a respondent to another page according to their answer to a question. Optimize your respondent’s experience by having them answer only the pages of your survey that are relevant to them.

Advanced Branching

Allows you to add logic and conditions to your survey flow (If.. then... or if... then). Depending on responses to specific questions, you could redirect the respondent towards a specific page. Respondents do not waist their time answering questions that do not directly concern them.