Automated Reports

Are you new to reporting or simply looking for a base report to then customize? Automatic reports are generated for you in an instant. The software automatically determines the most appropriate graph and table for each question according to the type of question you used. Professional standard reports ready to go or customize as needed.

Customize Report Tables

Change table sizes, show or hide images, customize colors of every element of the table such as border and background. The variations are endless, you can customize as much or as little as you need.

Customize Report Graphs & Diagrams

Change your graph type and customize size, color, axis labels, level of transparency, make it 3D, add a title, and more. The options are endless. Customize as much or as little as you need.

Reports Per Survey

As a PRO user, create as many reports as you want for each survey. Report creation is unlimited!

Multipage Reports

You’re not restricted to single-page reports. You want to go into great detail? Go ahead! Create reports with as many pages as you want.

Customized Reports

Create the report you want! Personalize your reports by adding customized tables, graphs, texts or images.

Copy Reports

Why create a report from scratch when you’ve already created one for a previous survey that is just what you need? Save time and effort by copying your existing reports.

Edit Report Layout

Re-organize your pages, add spaces, page breaks, and move your report elements around with a simple drag and drop. With Eval&GO it’s your report in your format!

Embed Into A Web Page

Simply insert the provided code to embed your report into the website for fast and easy distribution of results.

Add Logo/ Image

Customize your report by adding an image or your corporate logo so that your report fully represents your brand.

Report Cover Page

It’s all about being professional, so add a special touch to your report with a customized cover page.

Add a Header & Footer

Add headers and footers to your report to complete your professional look. For example, you could insert the project’s name, a copyright stamp, a list of the project team members, or a reminder of confidentiality.

Print a Hard Copy

Print hard copies of your report for meetings or presentations.

Recycle Bin

Discard unwanted report elements in your recycle bin. The elements are retained in the bin until you reach the storage limit, so it’s possible to reincorporate them later if you change your mind!

Export Options

Export PDF (Full Report)

Export your entire report to PDF format for fast and easy sharing. All report elements and layout are retained.

Export Excel (Tables)

Export tables to Excel for further data manipulation and future reuse. Formatting is also retained.

Export Word (Full Report)

Export your entire report to Word format for fast and easy sharing. All report elements and layout are retained. If necessary, you can further edit your report in Word.

Export PowerPoint (Graphs)

Export your graphs to PowerPoint in order to reuse them in future presentations or meetings as necessary. Your formatting choices, such as colors and legend values, will be retained.

Online Report

Online Report Custom Design Themes

Take your reporting to the next level by using themes to further customize the look and feel of your online reports. Choose the same graphic theme that you used for the survey or choose another option to suit your needs.

Library of Online Report Themes

Choose a design theme from our library to take your online report to the next level.

Online Report Password Protection

Ensure that only your invited audience can view your survey report with password protection.

Online Report Header & Footer

Customized your report online by adding essentiel information to your report header and footer.

Online Report Logo

Add your company logo to customize your report to reflect the image of your organization.

Publish Online

Publish your report online for fast and easy sharing. Simply distribute the link provided to your audience for instant access, as long as they have an internet connection. Without need for Word or PowerPoint, this function is ideal for viewing on mobile devices. Also, your online report exists in real-time! So you’ll never have to build intermediate reports again- Every time you refresh the page of your dynamic online report the data is updated automatically. What a time saver!