Question Customization

Mandatory Questions

Requires an answer before the respondent can move on to the next page. That's essential when surveys contain features such as logic and branching.

Random Choice of Questions/Page

The order of questions on the page is displayed in a random order. Reduce bias which could be present if questions are displayed in the order in which they were inputted by the survey creator.

Random Display of Choices/Question

The order of answer choices to your question is displayed in a random order. Reduce bias which could be present if responses were always displayed in the same order.

“Other” Field

Essential for questions where all possible answers may not be covered by the displayed answer choices. Allows the respondent to add their own response in the “other” field.

Hide/Show Slider Values

Hide or display the range of values on your slider questions.

Slider Size

Customize the size of your slider question (small, medium or large).

Random Display of Questions / Page

A great way to create tests and quizzes displaying a random choice of question. Ideal for tests that may be taken more than once by the same person, making sure that they don’t answer the same questions every time. Just add several questions to a page and every time the survey is published, a single question is displayed randomly.

Define Min./Max. Characters in Numeric Fields

Customize the minimum and maximum number of characters in numeric field responses. Useful when collecting data in a specific format such as zip code.

Customize Slider Min. & Max. Values

Customize the minimum and maximum values of your slider scale according to the needs of your question.

Customize Label Text on Scale Questions

Add label text to the ends of Likert scale or slider type questions. For example: agree/disagree, min./max., love it/hate it…

Text Fields Size

Customize the display size of your text fields in response fields (small, medium or large).

Question Comment

Add information or a short comment below your question text. This could contain an explanatory note about the question.

Date With Hours/Minutes Option

When your question requires a date response, this question type has a calendar automatically pop-up, avoiding respondent input errors. You can also add a time option to the response.

Image Upload in Question or Answer Choices

Add a visual element to your survey! Enhance your questions by uploading an image. This option can be used in all question types and in the answer choice fields of many question types where appropriate.

Question Rich-Text Editor

Keep your respondents engaged by customizing question text with the rich-text editor. The rich-text editor can be applied to any question type! Change text color, add bold, bullets, indent, highlighting, and more.


This feature allows you to assign a score to every answer choice and give respondents an overall score after they finished answering your survey. This feature can be used in human resources for personality or training tests, in education for online student quizzes, etc…