Graph Options


Add 2D or 3D effect to graph display.

Horizontal/Vertical Display

Switch between horizontal and vertical orientation of the graph display.


Change your graph’s color palette to any color or color combination you desire.

Texture Effects

Add a texture effect to the graph's bars/areas (frosted, cylinder, illuminated, gradient, concave, smooth, rounded).


Customize the level of transparency of your data markers.


Customize the data label texts. Decide whether to show them or not, even adjust their size.

Label Color

Customize the data label color.

Background Color

Customize the background color of your graph area.

Font Color

Customize the font color of your data labels and titles.

Border Color

Customize the color of the graph area border.

Border Shadow

Show/hide a shadow around your graph area to give it depth.


Add a custom level of rounding to your chart area.

Graph Title

Customize your graph title and subtitle.

X-axis Label

Customize your graph’s x-axis label.

Y-axis Label

Customize your graph’s y-axis label.

Rotation (Pie and Doughnut)

Customize the level of rotation displayed for pie charts and doughnuts.

Explode (Pie and Doughnut)

Display the ‘slices’ of the pie chart separately from each other.

Value Type (nb | nb(%) | %) (Pie, doughnuts…)

Vary the value type displayed on the pie or doughnut graph types.