Highlighted Features


This online survey software has been designed with your needs in mind. It is the most user-friendly interface on the market to make your experience stress-free. All accounts have unlimited surveys and questions. Because we know your research should have no limits either! And your data is stored safely and securely!

Question Types

The software has over 20 survey question types and literally hundreds of variations so you can build interesting and relevant surveys to collect the data you need. Likert scales, ranking, slider, radio buttons and drop down menus are just some of the question types available to you! Decide you’d prefer the question as a matrix? Change the question type in 1 click!

Survey Administration

Put yourself in the driving seat with our ultra user-friendly dashboard. Follow-up on your work by tracking its progress in real-time. You can even check out how long people are spending on each page or determine drop-out zones to improve your survey for future respondents.

Question Customization

You’re in control, and can change anything from the color of the slider to the answer choice order. Add comments, text and emoticons or define the values to get the most from your survey. Make sure the most important questions get answered by making them mandatory.

Survey Creation Features

Quick and easy! Customize your survey’s options by adding pages, intros, or a Thank You page. The drag-and-drop interface makes it as simple as possible for you! Copy questions or add them to/from the library, or duplicate whole questionnaires in seconds.

Questionnaire Design

You can get creative using the fully-customizable Look & Feel generator. They’re your surveys, so they should reflect your style, brand, and image! There are over 200 customizable variables, with a phenomenal color spectrum and font list at your fingertips. You can even upload your own wallpapers or background images to be used within the survey.