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Your professional online survey software, questionnaire & market research tool.

Create your survey

Explore over twenty question types, insert images and videos, add your logo and your brand’s colors to create spectacular online questionnaires.


Launch your questionnaires by email or publish a link on a website, on your blog, use QR codes, Facebook, Twitter and more. Get your results in real-time!

Analyze Your Results

Generate an ultra-professional report in 1 click. Customize it and publish it in a variety of formats (online, Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint).

Why is it important to do market research, a questionnaire or a survey online?

The only successful companies are those that know their customers. And the best way to know what they think about you is to ask them!

Eval&GO has been designed to help you survey your clients and transform what they tell you into meaningful business decisions.

Use Eval&GO to help your business grow!

Secure the loyalty of your clients.
Evaluate the morale and motivation of your teams.
Anticipate the needs of your clients.
Change your customer service.
Launch a new product.
Understand your market and the main players.
  • Tourism
    (Hotels and restaurants)
    Tourism (Hotels and restaurants)Tourisme (hôtels,restaurants) Tourism (Hotels and restaurants)Tourisme (hôtels,restaurants)
  • Retailers
    (traditional or online)
    Businesses (Traditional and online)Commerces (traditionnels ou en ligne) Businesses (Traditional and online)Commerces (traditionnels ou en ligne)
  • Services
    Service providersService Service providersService
  • Health
    HealthSanté HealthSanté
  • Organisations
    NGOs, cultural or social...
    Associations (Humanitarian,Social...)Associations (humanitaires, sociales, culturelles... ) Associations (Humanitarian,Social...)Associations (humanitaires, sociales, culturelles... )
  • Industry
    IndustryIndustrie IndustryIndustrie
  • Public Services
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Who Needs This?

The need to know your customers is not limited to the biggest companies.

Eval&GO is there for all companies regardless of their size - SMEs, SMIs, Start-ups, NGOs as well as Associations and Organizations who want to survey their members and subscribers.

Essentially, every department within your company is concerned: marketing, sales, direction, HR, training, customer service, communications…and this is true of all business sectors!

An online survey software easy, fast and powerful adapted to each and every need.

Our site allows you to:

  • Create even complex surveys in a few clicks thanks to our ergonomic interface.
  • Perform advanced data analysis in real-time.
  • Generate professional reports.

With drag-and-drop technology throughout Eval&GO it makes it quick and easy to perform complex tasks such as the creation of multi-page questionnaires or customizing the layout of a report.

Eval&GO offers a massive choice of question types and hundreds of possible variations, which allows you to create unlimited online surveys.

Our design module with over 200 variables allows you to create questionnaires in the style and image of your brand and company.

Do you want to analyze the results of your research, but you’re not an expert number-cruncher? The hyper-intuitive interface of Eval&GO allows you to perform the most complex analysis with an incredible speed and simplicity!

Your business is in real-time, so choose an online survey software that is in real-time too!

How does it work?

Eval&GO is a software solution that requires no downloads. From home, the office or whilst travelling you can access your account and data without limitations. All you need is a recent browser (Internet Explorer 7,8,9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and an internet connection.

Your account and the application are always kept up-to-date. We are continually developing new functionalities which increase your research possibilities.

In addition, no expertise or specific training is required to use the application.

The user-friendly allows anyone in your company to use Eval&GO without needing specific technological skills.

No charges for set-up, installation or training. Open your account and begin using it today!

And if you want, we can even collaborate with you on your key projects. We're here to help from the survey creation and collection of data to the final report!

Why use Eval&GO
for your questionnaires
and online surveys?


Over 20 question types…and several hundred variations! Capture the attention of your target market with dynamic and interactive questions.


Everything has been placed at your disposal to publish your surveys in style - Email, survey link, website embedding, Facebook, Twitter, QR codes, and more!


Over 10,000 clients to send your survey to? No problem. Upload your contact lists in a couple of seconds, then send out your survey in one click.


Experiment with changing the graphic options (color, 3D, effects...) for a magnificent result.


Welcome to the Cloud. Eval&GO is part of the new generation of software that needs no downloads!


Send your clients questionnaires of which you can be proud! Our unique design module allows you to customize your surveys to perfectly mirror your company's image.


Unlimited surveys, questions, responses... No restrictions on your work!


By sharing a simple link gain and give access to your professional online reports, updated in real-time!


No contracts! No obligations! You are free to come and go. Pay only for the time you need and keep your account as a free user as long as your heart desires! And if you need to, turn your account back into a full-options account in six months, a year, or whenever!


With the contact manager feature, managing your client base has never been easier!

WEB 3.0

An incredible interface that is both easy and intuitive. Your work is saved in real-time, so no work will ever be lost.


Create questionnaires which adjust automatically to the answers given thanks to logics and branching, creating a smooth respondent experience.


If you need to exit the Cloud, no worries! Export your questionnaires and results to a variety of formats (Word, PDF, Excel, Powerpoint...).


A huge choice of graphs and charts are available to you, such as bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, area graphs, radars, heatmap visualization, bubble charts...


Support services are staffed by real people, experts who are there to answer your questions. Although, we reckon you'll be able to figure it out... so send us a message to say "Hi!" every now and then.


Create your automatic report in 1 click, then customize to your heart’s content! Your reports are also unlimited: add pages, graphs, tables, texts, and more to make the report your own!